1. Are you a first time visitor to the Mohawk 4 Ice Centre?  Yes No

2. Are you a regular visitor or user of the Mohawk 4 Ice Centre?  Yes No

3. Are you a program participant or Spectator?  Participant Spectator

How would you rate each of the following?

4. Helpfulness of our facility staff  Very Good Good Average Poor N/A

5. General Cleanliness of facility  Very Good Good Average Poor N/A

6. Cleanliness of change rooms  Very Good Good Average Poor N/A

7. Cleanliness of public washrooms  Very Good Good Average Poor N/A

8. Cleanliness of parking lot/grounds  Very Good Good Average Poor N/A

9. Quality of ice surface  Very Good Good Average Poor N/A

10. Restaurant food quality  Very Good Good Average Poor N/A

11. Restaurant general cleanliness  Very Good Good Average Poor N/A

12. Resturant staff service  Very Good Good Average Poor N/A

13. Sports Retail Shop quality of service  Very Good Good Average Poor N/A

14. What could we have done to improve our level of service or make your visit better?

15. Please leave us your name and phone number if you wish us to follow-up with the your feedback