Adult Shinny (CO-ED)

CO-ED Adult Shinny Times

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  • Monday to Friday Daytime – $7.00 (inc. HST) per player.
  • Evening and all day Saturday and Sunday – $11.00 (inc hst) per player, 
  • Goalies are free!
  • All Shinny Times are Subject to change
  • Players MUST be 18 or older to play (proof of I.D. required)

Click on HERE to register and see evening and weekend shinny times on Pickup Hub. 

Daytime Shinny:

Saturday March 14th-  Cancelled

Sunday March 15th-  Cancelled

Monday March 16th- Cancelled

Tuesday March 17th- Cancelled

Wednesday March 18th- Cancelled

Thursday March 19th- Cancelled

Friday March 20th-Cancelled

Saturday March 21st- Cancelled

Sunday March 22nd- Cancelled