2022 – 2023

Hamilton Jr. Bulldogs AAA Hockey Club – The Mohawk 4 Ice Centre is Home to the Hamilton Jr. Bulldogs AAA Hockey Club.  Every year the Hamilton Jr. Bulldogs have successfully hosted their Annual Tournament Classic with teams coming from all over Canada and the USA.  This year’s tournament will will bring more than 110 teams to the city.  The success of the Hamilton Jr. Bulldogs Association has evolved well, mainly due to the hard work and dedication of our volunteers:  Coaches, Assistants, Trainers, Managers, Fundraisers, and Executive Members, and of course the families of all of our players who tirelessly take their young athletes from arena to arena night after night.  For more information on feel free to visit the website at

Hillfield Strathallan College:  Home for the Hillfield Trojans ice hockey and player development, the Mohawk 4 Ice Centre plays host to the annual Hillfield tournament in February along with all league home games. For more information please visit the school website at

Initiation Program (Hamilton Minor Hockey Council) –  A change in the way hockey school age players (4/5 yrs old) and pre-novice age players (5/6 yrs old) are introduced to hockey.  The Hamilton Minor Hockey Council implemented the Initiation Program in 2012.  Young players are first introduced to proper skating and skill instruction from the outset. All hockey school and pre-novice players and coaches across the city will now receive the same instruction.  Hockey school players will receive two hours of skating and skill instruction each week beginning in October 2021 and running through until the end of March 2022. Pre-Novice players will be formed into age specific teams and through their coaching staff receive skating and hockey instruction. Teams will practice for two one hour sessions per week until mid December when they will start playing games. Game schedules may include playing at both Mohawk 4 Ice Centre   For more information on the Initiation Program please visit by e-mailing

Sherwood High School:  Sherwood High School is one of the Canadian Hockey Skills Academy (CHSA) licensed programs in full operation for the 2013-2014 school year.  The CHSA are a direct result of a recommendation that was approved at the 1999 Molson Open Ice Summit on player development in Canada. The 10th recommendation stated that the CHA should: “Promote cooperative efforts between school boards, local hockey associations and sponsors, to better utilize ice times and school facilities and move towards the development of sport schools.” After completing his Masters of Education thesis at the University of Victoria, Anthony Herrington worked hard to bring his hockey coaching skills to his job as a physical education teacher at Sherwood Secondary School.  Based on his experience working with a similar school-based hockey program in Victoria while attending university, Herrington started teaching hockey skills to Grade 9 students in the fall of 1999.  For more information check out the school website at

STOKE Strength and ConditioningAt STOKE Strength and Conditioning we run programs for general fitness and hockey specific training. Our mission is to inspire people to lead happier and healthier lives and provide athletes with the tools they need to reach their goals. We understand that “fitness” is different for everyone and everyone has different fitness goals. Whether you want to be able to climb the stairs with ease, get a sports scholarship, or make an Olympic team one day, we can help you achieve those goals!

Tapleytown Hockey Canada Skills Academy:  The Hockey Academy is a pathway program offering students the opportunity to participate in the Grade 7 & 8 curriculum while improving and developing their overall fitness level and hockey skills during the traditional academic day.  With 60 on-ice learning opportunities in the school year, students receive individualized training focused on their strengths and weaknesses. Students will also receive sport specific strength and conditioning training focused on their long term athletic development.  For more information please contact Doug Dunford or Sean Kuczerepa (905) 662-2297 or by e-mail at or .  Applications for admission can be found on the school website: